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 Watch Live from The Nest ​on 10.10.2021

(refresh page if you cannot view)

*delays may occur during the live stream. The full ceremony will be uploaded to the page shortly after

Darleen & Fallon 10​.10.2021

Dear Family & Friends,

Although COVID refuses to go away and keeps messing up life as we know it, we are determined to resiliently keep pushing forward and not let it slow down the life plans we have made. Although we are sad to not be able to fully celebrate in person with all of t​hose that we love, we absolutely want to prioritize everyone's health and safety. Thankfully, technology has made it so that we can, in some way, all be together to witness this special moment. So grab your champagne and toast with us that in the end... #lovewins!!

Love, Darleen & Fallon


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